Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 21 - March 31, 2014; Traveling Far and Wide!

Another great week and I'm loving it up here in Linköping! We've done a lot of traveling this week, so it's been really fun! On Tuesday, Elder Farnworth and I went visiting members and a few less-actives in a town called Motalla. We met this awesome guy named Michael who said that he wanted to start coming back to church, so I'm excited we get to help him return.

We also visited an older lady way out there who takes a taxi more than an hour to church every Sunday, so she's just the most devoted person at church ever. She made us spaghetti, then she helped us with our Swedish for awhile. She also loves singing, so we sang a bunch of hymns with her, then we read the Book of Mormon for a bit. It was a lot of travel to get out to see her, but it was so worth it to know how much our visit meant to her.

The ride home was super cool. Motalla is so far away from our little branch that we’re not supposed to contact new people because it would be really difficult for them to ever get to church. But, Elder Farnworth was able to meet this awesome guy named Nick on the bus! He just said Hi, and the next thing we knew, this guy was totally willing to talk about the church. He said he'd love to talk with us more and he sounded really excited. So, it was a great day working the far side of our area.

We have the most amazing investigator ever. Her named Mahin. She is from Iran and she has lived in Sweden most of her life. She's currently a Phd student at Linköping University. She has also been taught for several years by missionaries. She might just be the most Christlike person I've ever met!  Seriously, I don't think I've ever met anyone so kind since I’ve been in Sweden, and I've met some pretty nice people so far!  She never had kids, so she considers all of the missionaries to be like her kids.

I met her doing a very unconventional service project. Elder Steen and I were on splits and we went to her house to help her translate her PhD paper on Patterns of Ethnicity in Dementia Care. Elder Steen wrote most of it, but I also thought-up a line or two. It was definitely a little different than what I studied in school, but it was fascinating to listen to her talk about it. She has studied sociology and psychology, both of which I'm really interested in, so we had a great conversation while we were there.

We went back to Mahin's on Sunday with a member that's she's really good friends with. It was an incredible experience. We taught her the Plan of Salvation lesson and she felt the spirit so strong. She's one of those investigators where I'm growing a lot more from being around her than she will from being around me. I feel super happy I'll have the chance to teach her every week! Not to mention, she's going to take us to her fencing studio sometime and teach us how to fence!
We'll that's about it for now. I really lucked-out with my second area. I love the branch here, the other missionaries in this area are the coolest, the town is awesome, and the investigators are great! I can't wait for the weeks ahead and what they will bring!  
Hej Då,
Äldste Stoeltzing       

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