Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 18 – March 10, 2014; Change is Good!

Hej (Hello),

It's been a crazy week!  Elder Miles was transferred to Malmö on Wednesday. It's been a great nine weeks. I really couldn't have asked for a better trainer to start my mission. Elder Miles taught me to love every minute of my mission and work hard at every step along the way. We had a super fun last couple of days in Kungsbacka. We also had one last pizza with our friend Jonas, a young single adult that we've gotten super close to. After that, we went and visited all the families that we'd gotten close to in the ward and he said goodbye to everyone. It will be hard to do the same thing myself in the near future when I am transferred. I'm sad we didn't get to finish our training together, but I know Elder Miles will do great work as the new Zone Leader in Malmö.

My new companion, Elder Knecht, is super cool. He only has six months left on his mission and he grew up in Sweden until he was nine, so we have been practicing Swedish a lot. He spent much of his mission as the secretary in the mission office, so he never got to train anyone. He will be finishing-up the next few weeks with me and then he's actually going to train another Swed in Kungsbacka, making them the only double Swedish companionship in the mission.

Ironically, Elder Miles and I have been trying to plan a day to teach a high school English class. The teacher expected two American's to come in and teach a class about American culture. He had to cancel a few times and the day we finally set up is March 19th, which will possibly be the day I leave the area and Elder Knecht's Swedish greeny gets here. So, what was going to be a class about America will now be taught by two Swedes, one of which will have been on his mission for a day, so that will be interesting to see. Fortunately, Elder Knecht lived in the states for a while and the new missionary has lived in England, so it will all work out fine, but it’s still quite ironic.          

Our first few days together have been really good so far. We went to visit an elderly investigator on Wednesday to do some service work. I made a wrong turn on the way out and we got really lost in a really big apartment complex. It took us about 20 minutes to find the car, but I haven’t gotten us very lost after that, so all is well. Elder Miles actually switched areas with Elder Knecht. The night we got lost Elder Miles's new companion got lost too and called Elder Knecht for directions. After the call I said, “Well, it looks like both of our directions guys got transferred.”  We had a good laugh!  

This Sunday in church we had one of those crazy situations that you only here about, that never really seems to happen, happen to us. A man walked into church off the street who found out what time church was meeting all on his own. He said he wanted to learn about the church and he really likes everything he's read so far about the Mormons. He also wants to speak English with us, and, oh... he's a professional guitar player and he wants to jam with me and then have us teach him on Wednesday. So, yes, the "golden investigator" does exist!  I couldn't be more excited for Wednesday! 

Golden Investigator!
Elder Knecht is teaching me a lot about missionary work. He is really good at working with members, so we've set up meetings with every ward leader this week to share our vision for the work with them. We've also been setting up a way to help the ward with home teaching as well. I've been extremely fortunate with the start I've had to my mission so far and I am blessed to have another great companion. I hope to finish strong in Kungsbacka and learn all that I can with the time I have left.  

Thanks for reading!

Äldste Stoeltzing            

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