Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 20March 24, 2014; From Perfect Pizza to Street Dogs!

Wow, Crazy Week!

So, it was finally time to say goodbye to Kungsbacka. We started out on Monday with one more trip to our favorite pizza place, Mossens. They love the missionaries there and we may be their best customers! Then we sailed out to the islands off the coast of Göteborg one more time and had a ton of fun. We spent the rest of our time saying goodbye to the families and investigators we got the closest too. 

The Best Pizza in Sweden!
Mossens Pizzeria
We actually had to drive 20 minutes to and from our area every day. Now I’m kind of really good at driving. Elder miles and Elder Knecht were both crazy good drivers so they broke most of my bad driving habits. Elder Knecht said I was close to perfect before I left, so I finally can say I feel very confident driving, especially on the freeway.

But, it definitely won't be the food or the cool cities we served in, or even the car that I’ll miss; the thing I'll miss the most about Kungsbacka, will be the people. I couldn't have asked for a better place to start my mission than with the people of Kungsbacka. Saying goodbye to everyone was really hard. It made me feel so good to hear members say they appreciated what we did and how we helped them in their lives. I learned so much from the two companions I served with there. I really had a better start to my mission than I could have ever imagined and I hope to take everything I've learned and go forward with it. 

Prepping for the transfer went a lot better than I expected. I listened to Elder Knecht’s wisdom and started packing four nights before, so the last night was pretty low stress. I'm going to miss the Västra Frolunda apartment a lot. I've had some incredible memories there and I hope I can go back there later on in my mission. I was really sad to say good bye to Elder Beus and Forsyth. I've been around Elder Beus longer than any other missionary, so moving out was tough. Elder Knecht and I rode together most the way to my new area, Linköping, then we had to say goodbye. He's picking up a short-time Swedish missionary, who is a recent convert named Elder Morely. I don't know too much about him, but I have heard that he will take excellent care of Kungsbacka, so I know Elder Knecht and he will do amazing things there.

Linköping has been great so far. I came in with high expectations, but it's even better here than I thought it would be.  My new companion, Elder Farnworth, is super cool and the other Elders, Hills and Steen, are awesome too! They've all done amazing work in Linköping and I was lucky enough to come in at a very good time thanks to their hard work. I've gotten to meet just a few of the investigators here so far. Elder Farnworth got sick so we've all been taking turns caring for him at the apartment, but he's finally better today. 

Dome Kyrka
Elder Steen and I taught this really cool investigator named Valentine on Thursday. She's actually Jewish, but she says if she can feel that Christ is there, she would convert.  She is only 17, but she’s almost done with her bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and she will most likely finish her PHD before I’m done with my mission. So, I did my best to talk to her about whatever I could and it turned out really good. She wants to meet with us again soon. 

The branch here is really different. There are maybe 12 active members, but they are all supper devoted to missionary work and I know if we work together we can do great things with them. I'm excited that I'll have a closer relationship with the whole branch. As an added bonus, we have the second largest missionary apartment in Sweden!  It's kind of huge for the two of us, but I definitely won’t complain!

Researching Family History... Swedish Style!
I'm super optimistic for the time that I'll be spending here and I feel like it's going to be great. I'm loving my mission and I can't wait for another great week. Unfortunately, I will be eating only hot dogs in Linköping. Sadly, I started out with the best pizza in Sweden, but Linköping has some of the worst pizza. They do have excellent street dogs though.

Oh, one more thing for you to reference, so you know how to say the name of the city correctly; Linköping is pronounced, Lean-shipping. This is a huge city, but it feels like a little Göteborg!

Jag Älskar Alla Er!, 

Äldste Stoeltzing

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