Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 19 - March 17, 2014; Goodbye Kungsbacka... Hello Linköping!


So, this was my last week in Kungsbacka.  I feel like I'm leaving too soon.  I've really loved my time here.  This ward has been incredible and I've had two awesome companions and a lot of great people to work with here.  I know it’s getting left in really good hands though.  Elder Knecht is picking up a new missionary from Sweden (a native) on Wednesday.  He joined the church about two years ago and he is going on a three month short-term mission.  I'm sad to leave Kungsbacka, but I know if I only had three months to serve a mission, Kungsbacka would be the place to do it, so I'm excited Elder Morley gets to experience his mission here.  It's been a really great last week and I'm really happy with how we left it. 

Saying Goodbye to our friend, Johanes
Monday was a really fun P-day.  There is an Island chain off the coast of Göteborg, so we went out there to hike a really cool trial around the island.  We were hoping to go back out today for my last P-day and hike around the biggest island. 

Exploring an Island off the coast of Göteborg

Tuesday we had our Zone Conference and it was really good seeing a lot of my MTC group and Elder Miles again.  We’re all done with training now, so it feels really weird, but good to be done.  It's hard to believe it was three months ago yesterday that we landed in Sweden, it's gone by to quick, but I've really loved my time here.

On Wednesday, Elder Knecht and I had an awesome experience.  We drove out to teach Fredric, the man who walked into church last week and wanted to be taught.  We played guitar a little before we started.  Fredric might just be the best guitar player I’ve ever met; he played Eruption from Van Halen perfect, note for note, which is like the craziest song you could ever learn, so I was very impressed!  We had a member come with us and he loved the lesson.  At the end we asked him if he'd like to be baptized and he said yes!  I'm really sad I don't get to teach him all the way through to his baptism, but I'm so glad I get to leave Kungsbacka knowing we helped at least one person prepare for baptism. 

Visiting an old castle in Varberg
On Friday and Saturday Elder Knecht and I went on a road trip through the outskirts of Kungsbacka to visit some of the less active members that don't get visited very often.  Saturday was really cool.  We went to a city that used to be Denmark’s capital, in Sweden, called Varberg, and naturally we had to visit the old castle while we were in the neighborhood.  We almost struck out there, but then the last family finally let us in.  It turned out that the lady we met there actually helped Elder Knecht's mom decide to get baptized years ago, so it was super cool that we got to meet them.

Ruins of a 13th century Christian Church at Varberg Castle
Sunday was really amazing.  We sometimes teach a class for new members and investigators on Sundays.  I've seen three people in the class before, but this Sunday most of the sister’s investigators and a few of ours came as well, and I got to see almost 20 people in class… By far the best turnout I've ever seen in the class yet.  It was hard saying goodbye to people after church.  I sat next to Yvonne and her baby in Sacrament meeting.  She was the first really strong investigator Elder Miles and I found and the ward is being super supportive of her.  I'm sad I won't get to teach her any more, but I know that she'll be ready for baptism soon and she’ll make a great member of the church.  Saying goodbye to the ward was super tough.  I think the highlight was talking to one of the parents in the ward who said Elder Miles and I helped solidify his son’s desire to go on a mission.  It was one of the best feelings of my mission so far and it really made me feel good about the work I was able to help with here.  I'm going to say goodbye to more families tonight and I’ll leave on Wednesday morning.  My first area went bye to quickly, but I'm really grateful for the start I've had here. 

Marcus is super cool.! He was the first guy I taught in Sweden
Saying Goodbye to our Bishop and his wife
Brother Mardby taught us some pretty deep doctrine!
 So, next week I'll be working in Sweden's fourth largest city, Linköping.  It will be really different. The city is way bigger, but the ward is way smaller, but it looks like it will be a lot of fun.  Linköping used to be the capital of Sweden and it predates Stockholm, so there will be a lot of really cool history to explore there.  My new companion will be Elder Farnworth.  I met him a few times before he transferred up there and I'm really excited to be missionary companions with him.  He seems like a really cool guy.  I'm really excited to see what chapter two of my mission will look like… I hope it will be everything that Kungsbacka has been for me. 

From Goteborg to Linkoping, Sweden
 Love you guys!

Äldste Stoeltzing                      

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