Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 98: September 28, 2015 – Making the Best of Things!

Another week in the books! This one was a little slower, some plans fell through and changed a bit, but we made the best of things along the way. 
Back in Goteborg
Elder Treat scaring a frog
On Monday we met with Mattias for pizza and Elder Treat got to know him a little better. But, Tuesday was wild. We have some American friends in the ward, the Murray's, and they needed some help with a project. They heat their house with fire wood and needed us to clear some logs they'd cut down near the Bishop's cabin. We drove about 40 minutes into the wilderness and came to a large dirt hill we tried to drive up it in the car, but the complete lack of friction made that too difficult, so we pushed the trailer up the hill, it reminded me of pushing handcarts on our pioneer trek, but with a significantly heavier cart.

I'll miss the beautiful Swedish countryside
Saying goodbye to the Murray's
We finally made it up the hill, and started loading the wood. We loaded about two pine trees full and then we cleared a bunch of branch clippings, all during a rain storm, but it was really good to serve and they we're really thankful we could help them before their trip back to the states. I even got a tick bite to remember the experience. 

Working on the woodpile
Afterward, we met with Julia and Oliva, the two girls we meet at church last week. Religion is a pretty new concept to them, but they listened and asked us a ton of questions. They are willing to give God a chance and we hope to keep working with them. 

We had a dinner with the Ågren family on Thursday night and got to hear mission stories from Alice, their daughter who just got back from serving at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. She said it felt pretty weird for her to speak Swedish again.

The Streets of Goteborg
Borås at dusk 
Friday was Zone training. We talked about how to work more effectively with members. Later I went on splits with Elder Payne, but we had a ton of lessons cancel. Kind of a long split, but Elder Payne is super cool so he made it fun. 

The Borås water tower is pretty cool 
Well, other than that, there were no major highlights to report this week, but next week it will be cool to listen to General Conference! 

Love you guys! 

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