Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 94; August 31, 2015 – Finding Americans in Sweden

It’s crazy to have less than two months remaining in Sweden… It just doesn't seem real to me! There are so many good things are happening right now. It’s truly one of the most special times of my mission. 

We went to Göteborg on Monday with our friend Daniel and we talked more about serving a mission, it was pouring rain the whole time! Later, we found a luxury guitar shop that had all kinds of cool custom guitars. My favorite was a signature-edition, exact-replica, Rory Gallagher guitar, the musician who Jimi Hendrix revered as the best guitarist on earth. It was perfect! 

Tuesday was packed! We really hit it off with a guy named Peter. Peter is s less-active member, but he does his best considering his carrier. Peter is an international hedge fund manager. Yep… Pretty crazy right! He flies all over the world and was just about to leave for a meeting in Ukraine to discuss currency futures with investors. What's crazy is he has a condition where he can't use his arms, so does all this with his feet on his laptop! He defiantly makes the most out of life’s challenges, and he showed me that it’s what's in your brain that really matters most. That’s pretty cool because I worry about my own difficulties a lot. We had a great talk and he said he'd be my financial coach when I get home! 

Afterward, we went to visit our friend Nick, a chiropractor in the ward, and he was a huge help to us! My back has been killing me, so we went to get my back adjusted, it hurt like crazy… Haha! But then it felt amazing. So, I was really thankful! Elder Blackburn’s jaw has been hurting too, so he helped him out a lot as well! It was a great favor and we’re probably goanna help him with some service projects at his house to pay him back! 

You gotta love the rain!

The next day we met with our new American investigator, Cody. He contacted us when he heard us speaking English on the bus! He's just going through a divorce and he’s trying to get his life figured out, but he was super cool and open to talking about church! We’re excited to see where this goes! 

Working in Goteborg

Thursday was our district meeting and it was super fun. I was a little disappointed with the last one I taught, so I put a ton of time in on this one and I got my speaking skills all polished-up again… It went great! We talked about preparing for lessons by role playing (Something that most missionaries hate). I started by playing a motivational speech to get the district pumped up! Then, I went through the entire Preach my Gospel handbook and found over 50 situations a missionary could possibly encounter with dozens of variables to identify more than 1000 situations that could be rehearsed. Role playing gets really boring because the same situations get used over and over again. This tool helped us to create some unique role playing situations and we totally laughed our heads off as we acted them out! 

Some of the good ones were, teaching a 63 year-old Estonian diabetic the purpose of fasting, as well as trying to connect with a modern-day Viking while riding on a bus... All situations that could actually happen in Sweden, trust me, I've seen weirder! That was a hilarious exercise and it gave the district a new perspective on role playing as something they can actually look forward to! We gave them one last activity where Elder Blackburn pantomimed the story of Captain Moroni (from the Book of Mormon) writing the Title of Liberty, complete with him ripping-off his shirt... It was pretty awesome! 

Flying away on a wing and a prayer... Believe it or not, it's just me!
On Friday we went to an institute of religion kick-off fireside with Mattias, he's very excited to participate.

We met another American guy on Saturday who drove us to our appointment and came to church with us. He was awesome!

On Sunday, a sister missionary returned to her home ward. It seemed weird because she left on her mission only a month after I got to Sweden. It seemed crazy to see her again! She just got back from serving at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. It made me feel pretty trunky… But I’m staying focused on the work! 

I'm goanna sprint to the finish! I love you guys and I hope everyone has a great week! 

Aldste Stoeltzing 

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