Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 97; September 21, 2015 – The Art of Borås!

Wow crazy week!  My last transfer is finally here and it seems completely surreal that it will be all over in less than six weeks! The idea that my mission is going to end so soon isn't firing in my brain right now. But, I'm really happy to be ending my mission in a ward full of some of the greatest people ever! 

Farewell Elder Blackburn!

Saying goodbye to Elder Blackburn was really sad. We went on a great tour of the ward, including practicing some acapella music and having one last jam session at the Bishop's house. This was one of my all-time favorite companionships, and it was a hard goodbye. Going to Uppsala was definitely a nice incentive for Elder Blackburn to part ways with Borås. Especially since his new apartment will have a washer, dryer, a dish washer, and a sauna, in a gigantic college town filled with open minded young people... It may not be Borås, but I’m sure he'll have a blast there.

Our worst nightmare... Being chased by a giant Pinocchio!

Okay, so the new guy is Elder Treat! We actually lived together during a 14-day transfer in a four-man apartment last year, and had we a blast. But we hadn't heard from each other since then… Until this week. So, we hit the ground running and we’re going to have an amazing time together! Elder Treat is awesome and he will be a great companion to finish-up with! 

On Wednesday we contacted people around the city and I got to show him a lot of the culture and amazing art work. It was definitely a good way to show-off Borås! This place is beautiful! 

Later that day we had a district meeting and I taught a lesson on setting goals, and the profound affect that a vision, backed by belief could bring. 

We also went on splits with the Elders in Skövde. We taught a great lesson to an older lady and then contacted a little bit more. Elder Jones is a crazy good banana bread maker and he made me ‘trunky’ for mom’s banana bread (I wouldn't mind some banana bread waiting for me at home… Haha). It was a great split and we spent most of Saturday planning for next week. Elder Treat got a warm welcome from the ward and he seems thrilled to be here. We got a surprise in our Sacrament meeting when two girls we'd meet the week before decided they'd come to church, and they showed-up unexpectedly. They said they wanted to meet with us some more and we set a time to teach them next week! 

Well, here goes my sprint to the finish and it looks like it’s going to be a great last transfer in Sweden! 

I Love you guys a ton… Thanks for reading!  

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