Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 26 - May 5, 2014; Six Months!!!

Its been a great week!  It was hard to leave Linköping so soon. We went all over saying goodbye to our investigators. I know I've only known them for six weeks, but I really grew to love the people there. It was a great experience with Elder Farnworth and the other missionaries there as well. Linköping was a really special time on my mission and I'm very glad I'm still close by in Norrköping because I can still go on splits there.

Welcome to Norrkoping
Norrköping has gotten-off to a great start. Elder Gray has been in my district for a few weeks and it's been really cool having a companion that I already know! He's super awesome and a really motivated missionary!  I know that we'll be able to work hard together and bring people to the gospel in our companionship.

King of the Swedes!
We had a super fun first day here! I got to experience the viking holiday of Välberg (Val-berry) where you celebrate the coming of summer by burning stuff!!! So we went to a huge bon fire and it was super cool!  Ironically, it's been really cold since then.

The Viking Holiday of Valberg

I finally started to do family history work and guess what! I found Swedish ancestry in my family!!! It turns out I'm related to Olafr the Tree Hewer, King of Sweden!!! Who would have guessed!! I followed the line back and guess what, it turns out I'm connected all the way back to Adam too!!! That was like my all time family history goal and I found him!!! I could be entirely inaccurate, but hey, said I go back to Adam, so I won’t argue with it!!!

Our family tree is connected to several Kings of Sweden! 
The i-Phone has been the star of this area so far! We teach a lot of people who struggle with English and Swedish here, so the translate apps have been put to work! We have used the phone to teach in Vietnamese, Persian, Arabic, and Serbian! We speak into it and it translates and they speak into it and we can understand them!!! Missionary work has really entered a new era!!!

Well, I'll write more next week as I learn this area better. I can't believe I’ll hit my six month mark tomorrow!!!  My time out here has flown by and I'm loving every minute of it!!! I can't believe I only have 18 months to go it's going by way too fast!!! I love what I do out here and am having the time of my life!  

I love you guys!
-Äldste Stoeltzing

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