Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 28 - May 19, 2014; The Fine Art of Street Contacting

It's been a good learning week. It turned-out that this was one of those weeks that was hard to schedule, so we worked a lot on contacting. We focused on refining the questions we asked people on the street to be more compelling and interesting. Through some trial and error we turned this into one of the best contacting weeks we've ever had and put seven new investigator numbers into our phone from street contacting. We also focused on trying to turn our street contacts into lessons and we were able to teach three full lessons on the street about the restoration and we also prayed with them on the street. I've been way too scared to try this my whole mission, but we decided together to give it a chance and it went really well.  

Visiting Linkoping University

Art work is everywhere!

Tuesday was really cool we got to go to the University and see our friend Mahin from Linköping. It was great catching-up with her and hearing how her PhD work was going.

The highlight of the week was teaching a man named Chris. He's been investigating the church for a while and we set-up an appointment with him last Wednesday. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and he loved everything we said. He agreed with many of the ideas we taught him and said he would continue reading from the Book of Mormon. The question of baptism was tough for him. In his culture (he's from The Congo I believe) switching religions is a very serious issue, so he said he'd need a lot of time to think about it. We could tell he felt the spirit though, and I know that through continued visits he will draw closer and closer to baptism.

Street Contacting

We met with a really interesting investigator named Johan on Saturday. He believed in this religion called “New Age.”  It seemed like a weird Scientology and Christianity hybrid. And, we got to hear all about that for at least an hour. Some of it was surprisingly similar to what we believe and other parts were as different as you could get, like people turning into evil lizard monsters in the fourth dimension if they are evil in this life.  Needless to say, I am quite content with my faith after that lesson… Ohh, the people you meet on a mission!   
My new favorite P-day surprise!

It’s been one of my favorite weeks of scripture study. I've really come to some of the core doctrines of the Book of Mormon. If anybody really wants to know what the Book of Mormon’s all about, I'd suggest reading in the book of Alma, chapters 32-40. All of the core elements of the gospel are found here. Faith, repentance, baptism, and the atonement of Jesus Christ. These have been my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon so far.     

Mills and factories along the river in Norrkoping

Downtown Norrkoping - Beautiful and clean

Norrköping is coming together very well and I know it will get better and better each week!

Thanks for reading... I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Jag Älskar Er!
(I Love You!)

You never know what you'll find when there's a Swedish Dream Catcher on the door!


  1. what an adventure!!
    what an exciting place and launguage.
    i hope you are doing well.
    you seem to handle the stresses well.
    gods speed brother.