Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 25 - April 28, 2014; On the Road Again!

Hey everyone... It’s been a crazy week! I got a transfer call from out of left field. After only six weeks here in Linkoping, President Newell is sending me to the next area up the road, Norköping. Honestly, I didn't expect a transfer at all. Things have really gotten moving up here so I'm sad I won't get to finish all that we've started in Linkoping, but I know Elder Farnworth loves everyone we work with and he will continue helping our investigators as they grow.
Members of the Linkoping Branch
Although I'm really surprised to leave, I feel really comforted that God wants me to be in Norköping and I trust that I will meet amazing people there that will help me grow tremendously as well. Every companion I've had so far has taught me a ton and helped me with skills I have needed to develop. I’ll really cherish the time I had with Elders Farnworth, Steen, Hills, and Kiiko in this area and I know we’ll all stay friends after the mission. Although I’m sad for this companionship to end so soon, I know that I will learn a ton from my new companion, Elder Gray, and we will have an amazing time in Norköping.  

Getting transferred from Linkoping to Norkoping
We've had some great experiences this week. Tuesday was a really special day. We were contacted by a man in the street who had met with missionaries before and he was extremely happy to meet us. We talked with him for about 20 minutes and hope to meet with him again soon. Afterward, we met with a member named Sten in an old folks home and we were approached by one of the care workers there. She asked us what makes our church different, so we ended-up teaching her the first lesson before we left. 

Spring has arrived in Linkoping!
Later that day we had one of our best lessons together so far. We met a man named David who we've been trying to set a lesson up with during our whole time in Linköping. He has a lot of Mormon family members in Arizona and he thinks extremely highly of the church. He loved the first lesson and promised that if he finds the Book of Mormon to be true, he will be baptized. It was great to start working with such a positive investigator and I feel confident that he could be baptized during Elder Farnworth and Elder Hewitt's time together.

Dome Kyrka
Well, we’re going to try our best to Finish-out strong and have as much fun as we can in these last few days. Linköping has been great and this has been a really special area of my mission. It feels a little weird that I’ll have as many areas and companions as my trainer, Elder Miles, had in one year during my first six months, but I guess everyone's mission is inspired and different. I know I’m no exception and I am very excited to start the next chapter of my mission.  

I Love you guys,

Aldste Stoeltzing  

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