Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 88; July, 20, 2015 – High on a Mountain Top!

It has been an amazing, non-stop week! We climbed two mountains, had an awesome Zone training, experienced a wallet-related miracle, and all kinds of adventures along the way. 

Monday was one of the most exciting P-days of my mission. We went to Jönköping and climbed one of the largest mountains in southern Sweden...It wasn't actually that large, but it was still really cool. We started things off by going cave exploring. And, we were led under the mountain by a man who was way too passionate about bats. Fun fact… It’s extremely cold underground and very dark! But, it was super cool and I'm glad the bats weren't home when we took our tour. After we explored under the mountain, we decided to climb to the top of mountain to see a beautiful view of the town built along the lakeside below us.

Later that day, Elder Blackburn practiced for his musical debut with Elder Farnworth and Sister Giles and they sounded amazing together! 

On Tuesday we did a little bit of street contacting and then we went into Göteborg early, so Elder Blackburn could keep practicing his music. Before going to bed, we climbed another cooler mountain with the Utby Elders and we got some great pictures of the sunset.

Our Zone training was amazing on Wednesday. We discussed the Book of Mormon and its’ effectiveness in our proselyting efforts. Afterward, we had a Family Home Evening with our Mission President and his wife. They let us ask any question we wanted to about them. I feel like we really got to know them so much better than before. It was one of the best Zone trainings I have ever been to, and I was super glad we got to have some amazing time with the Beckstrands!

On Thursday we had an amazing lesson with Jeff, one of our investigators. He started arguing about our code of health, the Word of Wisdom, and he explained this was his biggest trial in his conversion process. I wanted to argue back, and I thought of all the things I could say about the Word of Wisdom, but when I opened my mouth I literally couldn't get a word out, and I felt the strongest prompting that we needed to talk about the Book of Mormon. We gave our testimonies of the Book and about God's plan for us. At the end of the lesson he said that maybe he's been a bit ignorant and he will try harder to understand these things.

Friday was a crazy service project. A member asked us to do some service with them and dig some ditches. When we got there, they had started digging a mote around their house… It was crazy!  We helped them dig, but we were just so shocked by their mole-like digging talent! 

On Saturday, we had another special experience. We were out contacting people and we were approached by a man who showed us a wallet. It was Elder Blackburn’s! The man had found it and stolen the bus card, but he didn't touch the rest of the stuff. I guess he felt guilty and gave everything back. It was a huge miracle for Elder Blackburn to see the Lord answer his prayers.

Well, we’re looking forward to another amazing week!

Love you guys! 

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