Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 86; July 6, 2015 – A Good ol' Down-home Swedish-American 4th of July

I love Borås so much!!! We are off to such a great start here! The “California District” is the best!!!

We spent a lot of this week tracking down our investigators. We met with a kid named Emil first. He was really cool. He rides dirt bikes and he is really interested in the church. Later we went to dinner with a lady named Hilma. She had an amazing story about how her family escaped from Russia and was lead to Sweden.  

The next morning we practiced a lesson with a member and as we finished he got a call and we found out he'd lost thousands of dollars in an African real estate scam... so, that really does happen. 

Later in the week we had an amazing experience. We were out contacting people and went up to a large group of kids and just preached to them. They were totally interested and most of them gave us there numbers to follow-up! 

On Thursday we met with our ward mission leader. He's the youngest ward mission leader I've had so far, but he's awesome! He gave us some great advice and he seems like he'll be super fun to work with! 

That night I met my first Icelandic investigator, Jeff (A very Icelandic name actually). He was really cool and he really loves missionaries.  

Friday was awesome too. We had zone training and went back to my favorite city, Göteborg. Elder Blackburn and I gave an example of a lesson on the Book of Mormon and he did a great job! That night we took an investigator to a pre 4th of July party for the YSA's. I met one of my favorite people there, Paul Murphy, a proud American from Mississippi, and we talked about politics for a long time… Haha! It was very nostalgic! An old friend, Louis Hurray, taught a lesson about the blessings of freedom and I made a lot of comments. Louis is awesome, he may be Swedish, but he has a greater respect and knowledge of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution than most Americans.

The next day we went back to Borås for an amazing 4th of July party. We had a barbecue, as well as a “Feats of Manly Strength” competition, which Elder Blackburn won. And then, I held my own competition called the “American Trivia Challenge.” We also had a great game of football, and it worked out to be one of my favorite 4ths ever! 

We were sad to hear about Elder Packer dying, but the Lord has called him home and I know he is much happier now. I want to express my thanks for his amazing life of service.  

Well, we're ready to have another great week!  I Love you guys so much! 

-Äldste Stoeltzing 

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