Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 83; June 15, 2015 – Thrust in Your Sickle With All Your Might!

Hey guys it has been a really good week. It was absolutely beautiful. The sun was out the whole week and it finally feels like summer! We met some amazing people and everyone seemed so happy to talk since there hasn’t been rain in June! 

On Tuesday we met Stefan and talked about the special Stake Conference we watched with Elder Holland over a broadcast. It was an amazing message and we went over Elder Holland’s testimony of the Book of Mormon. We later shared the same message with Jay, who is tearing through the Book of Mormon right now, and he loved it. He said that everything feels so true to him. But, he still feels like his faith is true, so he's going to continue to read and pray for an answer. 

Later that day we called Claus who was baptized about nine months ago. We are helping him to get ready for the Temple, so we told him what he would need to do to be ready for his interview. And, this week we're going to help him do some family history work in preparation for the Temple! 

Thrusting In Our Sickle with All Our Might!
Wednesday was cool. We went to help Jose cut his grass. It got really long so instead of using a lawn mower, we used sickles… Haha! It puts that whole “thrusting in your sickle with all your might” thing into a whole new prospective (Doctrine & Covenants 4:4; 11:3; 12:3; 14:3; 33:7)!  It's not easy to cut grass like that… Haha. I see why the metaphor is used, because if you literally don't swing the cycle with all your might, it won’t cut the grass. So, in that sense, missionary work really does take all our effort to gather people into the gospel. We were exhausted afterward, but it felt cool to look at the small field that we chopped. I'm sure I'll be dead tired after my mission, but it will fell amazing to look back at these two years and know that my efforts have made a difference. 

A Swedish Graduation Celebration
Along the way, we had some great finding results. We were blessed to meet a ton of people tracting and we found two new investigators while we were street contacting!!! 

We ended the week helping our Bishop build a new greenhouse and he showed us how to make a foundation with gravel and sand and make it level. We finished most of the project this week, but we'll get to see the finished product next time we go over! 

Building a Firm Foundation
Midsummer is coming this week, so that’s going to be awesome! It’s quite a celebration in Sweden.  Have a great week everyone… I love you guys! 

Äldste Stoeltzing  

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