Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 77; April 27, 2015 – Touching Hearts and Minds One at a Time

Hey guys it’s been a wonderful two weeks! We've made a lot of progress and we've had a lot of fun along the way! 

On Monday we took it easy, cleaned-up the apartment and just relaxed for P-day. 

Serving in the Field
Tuesday started-off with a lesson with Jay. We taught him about baptism and why it's so important in Christianity, then we asked him if he would want to be baptized. He was very honest with us and said he wanted to be 100% sure before he made a commitment like that. But he respected that we were bold enough to ask. He said he'd keep reading the Book of Mormon and he said he will do all he can to find out for himself if the church is really true! 

Later, we went to see Stefan and got him excited to quit drinking beer! He is completely ready to stop, and he had already gone a few days without a drink when we had the lesson!

Happy Birthday Elder Bybee!
Karin had us over the next day and gave us some cake that she had bought for Elder Bybee's birthday, she's the sweetest lady ever. 

Later in the week we visited Stefan again with Heeke. We taught him about tithing. He accepted it pretty well. He said he needs to pray about it, but he understands the concept and he said he's be willing if it felt right.  

Malmo Central Train Station
Malmo City Hall
This is the fourth statue of a man on a horse I've seen in four cities
Malmo Castle

The following Monday, we went down to Malmö for Elder Bybee's visa papers. We spent the rest of the day touring Malmö with Elder Corbin and we got some amazing pictures of a beautiful city! 

On Tuesday and Wednesday we contacted a lot of people and we felt really blessed and we hope to start teaching them soon!

The Lund Cathedral is one of the largest in Sweden

Malmo Town Square
I Found a Golden Cooper!
Me and Matilda
We went on splits on Thursday and I had a blast! I went down to Malmö again with Elder Beck and we had an awesome day! We taught with the other Elders who are both good friends of mine. Then we went to the church and one of their investigators made us dinner! She was from Greece and made a Greek lasagna that I she called moussaka, it was super good! Afterward, we played Innabondi and talked with some of the young adults. We went back to the apartment and Elder Beck and I told stories for the rest of the night before going to bed. It was one of my favorite missionary splits ever! 

We came back on Saturday and contacted people like crazy. We found three new potential investigators! Afterward, we taught Stefan about prayer and the spirit helped us give him a powerful lesson that opened his eyes to how truly important prayer really is. 

On Sunday, Elder Bybee gave a talk in church and we got to meet Senja's parents from Germany. They were really nice and they could also speak serval languages like Senja… haha! 

It was an awesome two weeks and I don't want my time here to end! This has been so great. I'm going to put my all into the next two weeks and make them great! 

Love - Äldste Stoeltzing  

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