Thursday, April 23, 2015

Week 76; April 20, 2015 – Going Multi-Lingual

Hey, I won’t have time to write too much this week because we have to travel to Malmö today to take care of Elder Bybee’s Visa renewal. I took care of mine before I left Stockholm.

Oh my gosh, that’s so crazy that cousin Brooke’s getting married so soon!!! She looks amazing in her wedding dress. It looks simple, but elegant… I'm super excited for her!

Did you know I’m picking up some German? It’s pretty similar to Swedish and it’s actually helping my Swedish a lot!!! Yeah, the language just spoke to me! I was thinking about French or Italian for my next language, but German feels really natural and I love the way it sounds. It just feels right to be learning it because of my German last name. This sure beats high school Spanish! Plus, I want to know another language for our trip to Europe next year.

Well, I have to go. I love you guys. Have a great week!

Äldste Stoeltzing

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