Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 70; March 9, 2015 – Spring Cleaning!

This week was great!  It was the sunniest week I've seen in over six months and we were really blessed along the way!

On Monday we did spring cleaning. We turned the apartment inside out. It took all day, but it looks great! After all the work was done we bought some original paintings to hang in the apartment just to get it looking even better. It defiantly feels like home and I'm glad we worked so hard on it. 

Tuesday was an awesome day too! We went back to Göteborg my home away from home in Sweden! I missed it so much and it felt so great stepping of the train back into Göteborg central! We went to a chapel in a town called Utby, just outside of Göteborg for conference with a General Authority named Elder Donaldson. It was one of the most spiritual conferences I've ever been in, maybe because the conference was about the spirit, but regardless, it felt really good. Elder Donaldson is a humble, but powerful teacher and he reiterated how we absolutely need the spirit in our efforts and how we are so much more than “young person with a name tag” when we have the spirit!

Afterward, I got to catch up with old friends from around the mission and we had a long, but fun ride back. Unfortunately, the trains behind us got stuck in the station due to electrical problems and some of the missionaries didn't get home until close to midnight!  It was a crazy start to the week, but defiantly worth it and it helped us a lot with the rest of the week!

Wednesday was amazing! We went over the border from Holland County into Skåna and drove up and down the coast line to visit less-active members with our ward mission leader. It was probably the most beautiful drive I've ever taken and you would not believe how incredible Sweden gets in the spring. This drive made it worth enduring the bleakness of winter; Haha! We visited two elderly members and gave them the monthly message from our church leaders. It was a great day and quite an adventure! 

Saturday was really special. We started off at the Bishop’s home and helped him move fire wood into his house from the wood pile! We got to ride behind a tractor! And, later Senja made us probably the best meal I've ever had. It was pork with a honey sauce over it and it tasted perfect! We've got the best members in Sweden here in Halmstad! 

Afterward, we went to teach Stefan! The lesson went great! He had a lot of questions, but the spirit really helped him and he was so accepting! He said there's still a lot he doesn’t understand, but he felt that what we told him was right and he accepted our invitation to get baptized in two months! It was an amazing day and an incredible feeling to know that we played a role in helping Stefan to be ready for baptism! 

Later that night we kept feeling like we needed to swing by to see a less-active member named Jeff. He wasn't home, but as soon as we walked out, we met a women named Basma and she was one of the most prepared people I've ever met! We hope to meet with her again this week!

On Sunday, a lot of people got sick, so Elder Bybee and I taught all the lessons at church. I did an object lesson and made Elder Bybee carry a lot of hymn books. It was funny :). Afterward, we went home, did our planning, and called it a week! 

Halmstad Ward Council
 We feel so blessed and so excited for the work right now!  Halmstad is amazing and I hope to stay here even longer if they’ll let me, so I can keep giving my all to this great little town! Thanks for reading… Have a great week everyone!  

Äldste Stoeltzing  

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