Friday, January 9, 2015

Week 61; January 5, 2015 – Happy New Year!

Wow what a week! This one was really special. We had a really hard time setting-up appointments during the holidays, but we decided to do everything we could to make this week great!

Monday was incredible! We started off the day with nothing planned other than swing-byes. We just started contacting people right away and we were super bold with our approaches. The first girl we met was agnostic. She didn't sound like she cared for any religion too much, but I bore my testimony about the importance of religion and what God has meant to me and I invited her to meet with us… She gave us her number! Later we met a Doctor’s Without Borders worker who had met with missionaries before and we talked to him for about 15 minutes and got his contact information. We taught two street lessons that day and found six people to call back! 

Tuesday was really similar. We found four more investigators and spoke with others that were willing to listen to us on the spot! We also taught a less-active member who was very lonely and super glad to have us stop by. 

New Years Eve was awesome! We didn't have much planned, but we ended up going up to the tenth story balcony at the other Elders apartment and we watched fire works! It was beautiful and Sweden sells huge fire works for cheap, so we saw fire works for 360 degrees everywhere around us.  

We met with that Spanish guy I found a few weeks ago. It was awesome! It turned out that he barely understood my Spanish. However, on the day I talked to him he was having a horrible day and he felt really depressed. He told me that it made his day when I took the time to speak with him out of the blue. Although he said he wouldn't be that interested in embracing the lessons, he said his wife was really interested and she came to church! A less-active member who hadn't been to church before turned out to be a good friend of Ines, our new investigator! They talked the whole time and Ines set-up another time for us to meet again!

It was a great week, but I got some bitter-sweet news. I've loved working in Hägersten, but I'm be transferring on Wednesday. I'll be going to a city called Halmstad down in the Southern part of Sweden. It's beautiful there! Also, it’s where the Johnson's family is from, so I'll finally get to meet them! I'm sad to go, but I feel like it's an inspired move and I'm excited for another new experience!  

I Love you guys,

Aldste Stoeltzing

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