Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 49; October 13, 2014 – On the Road Again!

Hi Everyone,

This will be a short update… I found out I’m being transferred out of Västerhaninge so they can put sisters back here. It seems like this is the first time in forever that sisters haven’t served in this area. I’m going up the road to a place called Vendelsö, about 20 minutes North toward Stockholm. We’ll be in a four-man apartment with two other missionaries who are both really cool.

Our current apartment smaller than my room back home, and I can say that claustrophobia is a real thing!  It’s been really hard to function in a space that small. The bathroom is half the size of our small walk-in closet back home and the kitchen was even smaller. So, it will be good to have a little more room to stretch out, but I’m happy for the change.

Elder Pearson is also excited to be heading even farther North! He’s been here for a long time, but we've both had a great experience serving together. Sorry for the short note... We have a lot to do. I’ll write more later.

Have a great week!

Äldste Stoeltzing

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