Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 48; October 6, 2014 - Flowers and Testimonies Bloom

Hey, I hope everyone had a great week! This has been a really good week for us. We had another awesome floor hockey game for P-day!  

Ship Wrecked in a Playground!
Tuesday was really cool too. The temple needed new flowers planted, so we brought the whole zone out to plant over 7000 flowers at the temple. We we're all super tired by the end of the day, but the temple looked amazing. 

Missionaries Planted 7,000 Flowers to Beautify the Temple
Ansel Adams would have been proud to photograph
Elder Pearson's hands after a day of planting
That night we went to see Andreas and that went really well. He's making a lot of progress and he’s remembering how much his testimony means to him. He was praying for answers last week and he felt that God was still there for him and would help him work out his questions if he was patient. He accepted that he needs to work to find those answers, but he knows that God will help him. He invited us to come and teach his three daughters tomorrow and wants them to have more of the the Gospel influencing their lives. We're really excited to go back and teach the family and we are looking forward to working with them more.  

Working in the beautiful town of Nynäsham

We we're also trying to track down investigators from the sister's old area this week. The first guy we contacted looked at us through the peep hole in his door and just chuckled a little bit. So, we tracted around the building a little more without much luck. When we got outside I decided to contact an older man using a walker. He smiled and said he was actually a member of the church. He hadn't had any contact with the church or the missionaries for quite a while, but he gladly invited us in. It was really cool to see a message reminding him, “Don't forget to read the scriptures,” written on a sticky note on his door. He then showed us that he kept a copy of The Book of Mormon in his walker bag and he takes it with him everywhere he goes. We shared a gospel message with him and he expressed how thankful he was that God had helped us cross paths that day. I am really thankful we were directed to a random part of town to a random name on a list, after we thought nothing would come of it, we were able to visit someone that really needed to see us.  

The week ended great. We got to watch General Conference for much of the weekend. It was wonderful to be uplifted by messages from a latter-day Prophet and Apostles (See link below)

Oh, by the way, I want to wish my Dad a happy 50th birthday!  Thank you for being the best Dad ever! 

Have a great week everyone… I Love you guys! 

Äldste Stoeltzing 

Editors Note:
Read or listen to the messages from the October 2014 LDS General Conference on the following link: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions/2014/10?cid=HPSU100514465&lang=eng

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