Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MTC Week 5December 10, 2013

Well I'm down to my last week and I couldn't be happier.  My next entry will be sent from Sweden and boy, am I ready to be there!  I could still get a lot better at learning the language, and I am by no means a great teacher yet, but I know once I am there I will learn all that I need as I am guided by the Lord.
This has been a hard week for me. I was up all night with the flu last Tuesday and I spent all of Wednesday in the sick bay. On the bright side, I got to spend all day on a twin memory foam mattress, so the day wasn't all that bad.  It was the best bed I've slept on in a month!

Unfortunately, I've been fighting a bad cough since Wednesday. That's made the week pretty hard. Everyone here seems sick. I may have it pretty bad, but I learned there are always people that have it worse.

When I was in the medical wing I saw a Doctor just start laughing super loud in the hallway. He said, "Now there is the ultimate example of companionship unity!"  I looked in the room as I walked by and I saw two sister missionaries with slings on their arms.  I guess they both slipped on the ice on the same day and landed on their arms. That would be the worst!  I'll take a cough any day over my companion and I having broken arms.  

The MTC has a serious ice problem though!  There are some walkways here that are covered in an inch of ice that we have to cross every day.  I'm always a little afraid of slipping every day. It's about 20 degrees in Provo... That's actually way colder than Sweden right now believe it or not.  

Winter arrived with a vengeance this week
I can't wait for the plane ride I think I'll enjoy it. It may be the only nap I get for the next two years, so I’ll have to make it count.  


Up, up and AWAY... Look out Stockholm, here we come!
My Swedish is coming along better.  We’re teaching whole lessons completely in Swedish now, barley using any notes. The problem is that I know how to use “Church Swedish,” but I barely know how to use every day Swedish. I hope I pick that up when I get there.  
I’m really going to miss the guys I've met here.  There's a real spirit of brotherhood in this group. I'll probably have at least two of these guys as companions again, but we won't likely see any of the Elders that are going to Denmark over the next two years. Their classroom and apartment are right next to ours and we've all gotten to be really close friends.  They have a great district and I know the nine of them will do great things in Denmark.  

Many are cold, but few are frozen... Except for these two!

I'm hoping I can make the next week count as much as possible and learn all that I can so I can hit the ground running next week in Sweden. I can't believe it's finally here… Look for my next blog entry from somewhere near Stockholm, Sweden!

Aldste Stoeltzing    

P.S. Please email me at jacob.stoeltzing@myldsmail.net.  I hope to have an opportunity to catch-up when possible on my weekly preparation days (P-days).  My mailing address will change from time to time, but I will send updates as often as possible.  For now, please reference the following:
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Elder Jacob Huston Stoeltzing
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