Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week 32; June 16, 2014 - Good things come to those who wait!

Hey guys, 

It's been a good week. The first part was a little slow, but we saw some great things happen!

First, let me say, Happy Father's Day! I want to thank my Dad for being such a great example to me and for teaching me nearly everything I know about the gospel. I wouldn't be able to do this without you... Thank you so much for helping me prepare to come out here! My mission is really everything you promised it would be, and I want to thank you for encouraging me to go. I hope you have the best Father’s Day ever... Love you Dad!

Happy Father's Day Dad!
P-day was a little weird last week. We were meeting everyone at the church in Norrköping and the Sisters Missionaries called and told us to get there as quick as we could. They burned a pot of rice on the stove and the church’s fire alarm wouldn't turn off. So, we unsuccessfully tried to turn it off and decided to get tacos instead while we thought of a solution. When we went back to the church, Elder Gray took apart the entire alarm and found the right cord to pull and the alarm was finally fixed.  

We had a really cool lesson with Salomon this week and we taught him what a patriarchal blessing was. He says he feels ready to receive his. He was so excited to learn that he could receive a special blessing from God to help guide him through his life.

Hey Quincy (my dog), I found an Ikea rat - Just like home!
I spent Thursday and Friday working in Linköping with Elder Miller... It was super fun!  On Thursday night we went to a less-active family that was from California! She made the best hamburger I've had in Sweden with bacon and pepper mixed in! Friday was super fun too. We watched a Swedish graduation celebration that made our American graduations look completely dumb. Instead of having Senior Ball and dressing up in silly robes for graduation, they combined the two and made it way cooler! They all got on giant floats, wearing suits and sailor caps, and had their senior ball getting pulled around the city by a tractor! It was the coolest thing ever! After the parade, I saw an old investigator that Elder Farnworth and I taught for a few minutes at her bakery, then we went back to Norrköping.

Sunday was an incredible day! I translated for Salomon for the first time in Sacrament meeting because there were so many non-Swedish people there... Let’s just say there was room for improvement, but Salomon was patient, and he was probably too tired to notice how bad I was doing because he stayed up all night watching the World Cup.

Later that day we called a bunch of people to set-up the week. I contacted about thirty people and no one answered... That was a little depressing. But, Elder Gray got a hold of an awesome guy we met a few weeks ago named Simon. He's from Syria, but he grew-up in Sweden. He said we could come into town and meet him on the spot. He was super cool! He said that he has seen churches with all kinds of names like the Church of Matthew, The Church of Luke, The Church of John, The Catholic Church, and the Syrian Church. But this had always confused him... He's always had a dream of starting the Church of Jesus Christ! He said, when he saw us, he knew that we were special and he believes our church must be special too, so we’re hoping he comes to church next Sunday!

The rest of that day went really well! We met some kids and asked them if they believed in God. They said no at first, then one of them said, “kind of,“ then another one looked around to make sure no one was looking, and he said he kind of believed too. It was really amazing to see that young Sweeds really do have faith, but they’re just afraid of being judged for their beliefs. I wouldn't have expected this kind of response, but we talked to them for ten minutes and they said they'd try praying! Elder Gray has been wanting to try to and stop people on bikes, but I've been too scared to try. I told him he could go for it if he wanted to. So, he just said hello to a man on a bike who jumped-off and asked if we believe in Jesus... We ended up talking to him to for 20 minutes. Sunday was awesome!

Hopefully Sunday will set the tone for the rest of the week. That would make me really happy. Norrköping is finally picking up and I think I'm finally settling in here. Thanks for reading!


Äldste Stoeltzing

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